Download, unlock, and ride anywhere
Shadelands employees ride free!



Dockless bike sharing has rolled into Shadelands with an easy-to-use, high-tech bikeshare program through LimeBike, a San Mateo-based firm that is deploying 500 smart-bikes throughout the 267-acre Shadelands business center enabled with GPS, 3G wireless technology, and self-activating locks.


LimeBike is revolutionizing mobility in Shadelands by empowering people with a fast, healthy, and affordable transportation option. The bicycle has the potential to solve the first and last mile problem in mass transportation, and by utilizing modern mobile technology and a dockless program, LimeBike makes bike sharing universally affordable and available.


If you see a LimeBike somewhere it shouldn’t be, please inform LimeBike via email, support@LimeBike.com; text 1-888-546-3345; or call and leave a message: 1-888-546-3345.  For information on the company visit their website www.LimeBike.com.


The Shadelands Bikeshare Program is free to Shadelands employees. Get ready to hop on: Download the LimeBike app now on your iPhone or Android and sign up with your Shadelands business domain address.


To ride free, your Shadelands company e-mail domain name must be registered with the Shadelands Bikeshare Program. If you find that your Shadelands company domain is not currently registered, visit Shadelands.org and click on Contact Us to provide us with your Shadelands company e-mail domain name.





When the bikes arrive at Shadelands, open the app and find a bike nearby.


Unlock the bike with the tap of the app and pedal to your destination.


Park wherever a bike is allowed and lock the bike to finalize your trip.


Check out LimeBike online.  Be sure to watch their brief  safety and parking videos. Still have questions? Check out our Shadelands + LimeBike Bike Sharing Program FAQs here.