Poised to be a world-class business community and employment center through the collaborative efforts of the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, the City of Walnut Creek, and Shadelands property owners themselves, Shadelands is attracting the next generation of owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are looking for abundant, affordable space; employee and customer amenities; and a welcoming, connected community that incorporates life spaces into work places.


With an abundance of affordable space in existing buildings and on land that can be developed to specific needs and requirements, Shadelands is a smart place to own property, expand a business, or launch a new enterprise. Its premium location offers high value; ample free parking; convenient, free public transportation; and break-through support technology.

Owners & Investors

Shadelands is a thriving and robust business community that welcomes innovation, expansion, and diversity.

Renters & Tenants

Shadelands is a great place to relocate a business, expand a business, or launch a new enterprise.


The free County Connection #7 bus makes getting to and from Pleasant Hill BART easy.

Meeting & Event Space

Shadelands offers plenty of meeting spaces with free parking and attendee amenities.

The Orchards

The Orchards is a 25-acre lifestyle center with retail, indoor & outdoor dining, and outdoor spaces.