Mount Diablo Integrated Wellness Center

Business Address

325 N Wiget Lane, Ste 130,
Walnut Creek CA 94598

  WELCOME TO MDI, YOUR ONE STOP MEDICAL CLINIC FOR TOTAL WELLNESS! Medicine for us is an integration of art and science, intuition and logic, compassion and service. We believe humans are physical, mental and spiritual beings. For good health and freedom from diseases we need harmony and balance between all these levels. At MDI we try to find the source of wellness and cause of illness in you at all levels and treat accordingly. Our holistic and integrated model of healthcare insists that optimum health is possible only if your mental orientation is focused on seeking wellness instead of merely the treatment of symptoms of diseases. At MDI you will find a model of health in which it is not important which path is followed, but in the final analysis most important aspect of treatment is what helps you get well and stay well. In a nurturing, caring and peaceful environment we promote and facilitate the work of several specialists in the field of body, mind and spirit wellness. Walnut Creek Chamber Member

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