Work Place. Life Space.

Big things are happening in and around Walnut Creek’s 267-acre Shadelands business center.


Poised to be a world-class business community and employment center through the collaborative efforts of the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, the City of Walnut Creek, and Shadelands property owners, Shadelands is attracting the next generation of owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are looking for abundant, affordable space; employee and customer amenities; and a welcoming, connected community that incorporates life spaces into work places.


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Spotlight on Shadelands

Diablo Valley Farmers’ Market Saturdays, 9am-1pm

North Wiget Ln & Mitchell Dr. Year Round
Buy locally grown produce & enjoy each season’s bounty at its best.

  1. Taste the difference.
    Farmer’s markets offer the freshest food around—usually only hours from the field.
  2. Help the environment.
    Eating locally saves packaging and energy required to ship food around the country.
  3. Shop organic for global health.
    Farmer’s markets attract organic growers, and buying organic supports good land stewardship.
  4. Become part of your community.
    Farmers’ markets are social venues where you bump into friends and meet local farmers face to face.
  5. Support local farmers and your local economy.
    In an era when sustainable farmers struggle to survive, farmers’ market profits help keep small farms alive.
Work Place

Work Place

A progressive employment and lifestyle center, Shadelands is a robust mix of professional services, R&D, light manufacturing, hi-tech, premier medical facilities, telecommunications, community service  organizations, government agencies, educational centers, community gardens, art studios & classrooms, athletic facilities, retail, and more. Even the Walnut Creek Historical Society calls Shadelands home.


With an abundance of affordable space, Shadelands is a smart place to own property, expand a business, or launch a new enterprise. Its premium location offers ample free parking, convenient public transportation—the free shuttle runs between Shadelands and Pleasant Hill BART—and dining and shopping options for businesses and their clients.


Life Space

Life Space

Work Place. Life Space.” describes Shadelands’ contemporary vibrancy, aimed at serving today’s inventive business owners, employees, customers, and neighboring communities in one of the most beautiful and thriving cities in the East Bay.


Walnut Creek, 30 miles east of San Francisco, is embraced for its mild Mediterranean climate and picture perfect setting near Mount Diablo. The city offers a distinctive blend of urban flair, suburban grace, and peaceful wilderness. With enviable views of Mount Diablo and ample greenspace, Shadelands offers free surface parking and a variety of lifestyle amenities to serve businesses, employees, and customers.




Shadelands is located in Walnut Creek, just three miles east of the I-680 & Hwy 24 interchange, bounded by Ygnacio Valley Road & the Contra Costa Canal Trail (just north of Mitchell Drive) and Lennon Lane & Oak Grove Road.


Free #7 County Connection shuttles, equipped with bicycle racks and free WiFi, run every fifteen minutes between Shadelands and the Pleasant Hill BART station via Treat Blvd. and Oak Grove Road, Mon-Fri, from 6:30am–10:00am, and 3:00pm–7:30pm.


Look for the custom-wrapped buses adorned with Shadelands’ branded Work Space. Life Space. View the schedule with exact times and route map here.